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Online Advertising

When you think of online advertising, the chances are pretty good that you’re thinking of paid search advertising. Paid search – also known as pay-per-click advertising, or PPC – is one of the most common and effective types of online advertising.

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Paid search allows you to bid on relevant terms and phrases that may cause text-based ads to be displayed to users when they enter specific search queries into Google or Bing. These terms and phrases are known as keywords, and they form the basis of PPC advertising. Advertisers bid on keywords as part of an ad auction. This ensures that all advertisers have a fair chance of their ads being displayed to users, rather than those with the biggest advertising budgets.

Keywords should be highly relevant to your business, organized and structured into logical ad groups separated by campaign type, and aligned with the correct match type in order to be displayed to the right visitors, at the right time, for the right campaign.

Online Advertising: Paid Social

While paid search may have transformed Internet advertising, paid social is transforming the web of tomorrow.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are specialized, optimized web pages that visitors are taken to upon clicking an ad.

Call Tracking

To many advertisers, phone calls are the most valuable source of leads.


Analytics is a crucial component of any online advertising strategy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most common elements in an online advertising campaign.


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