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Software Consultancy

What to expect from software consultancy.

We will want to understand your vision, what your strategy is for growth now and in the long-term, what you need your software to do and what you don’t need it to do. The consultancy process will be an in-depth conversation about your business, your customers and your customers’ customers, about marketing and monetizing your software.

You’re probably not going into this lightly. You might have investment for something highly innovative or you might be motivated by any number of things; from pressure to grow to the fact that the ‘make do and mend’ approach won’t last any longer. We know it’s important, expensive and also business-critical, sometimes even life or death for an organisation.

Software consulting can be a standalone process to help you establish exactly what you need or it can happen as part of a project and before we start building your software.

We’ll be looking ahead and planning accordingly, so you can feel secure because you know everything is in place for a successful project delivery. We’re going to stay with you and we won’t let things fail. We are technically able, we’ll stay on time and on budget and throughout the process you’ll be able to see what’s happening – not in the dark, no surprises!

We work with the owners and board members of high potential, mid sized businesses who are ready to make a step change in the performance and capacity of their business. Dallas Repair Techs provides the business acumen, IT knowledge and experience needed to lead the development and delivery of breakthrough growth strategies and underpin them with great software solutions.

  • Custom Software Development
  • Ongoing Software Maintenance
  • Software Architectural Audit & Review
  • Software Optimization
  • Complex Algorithm Design & Development
  • Software Release Strategy
  • Linux System Administration
  • Network Architecture Design & Build-out
  • Security Audit & Review
  • System Reliability Strategy & Implementation
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Continuous Integration
  • Source Code Control & Best Practices
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